Buttonwillow Civil War Theater

Buttonwillow Civil War Theater in Pigeon Forge
Buttonwillow Civil War Theater in Pigeon Forge
Jodi Moore steals the show
Witness real American History
More interesting and explosive than any show you have seen
Humor and valor take center stage at the Civil War Theater
30 years in production, this is a show you cannot miss
Grandaddy's Watch will move you and make you laugh
Buttonwillow Civil War Theater in Pigeon Forge Tennessee
2135 Parkway Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
2135 Parkway Pigeon Forge TN 37876

Step Back into America’s Past… back to 1864!

Come, experience America’s number one presentation on The Civil War.

We proudly present “Grandaddy’s Watch”, a nationally reviewed, Christian-based play from the veteran historian and actor, Steve Gipson. Beginning its 30th year in production, this two-hour show has earned its place on the Parkway, right across from the Titanic Museum. Witness the touching encounter between a die-hard Unionist and his Confederate kin.

Jodi Moore steals the show with her brilliant comedic timing, spot-on jabs, and her wonderful interpretation of an East Tennessee farmer, caught between a raiding Union army and her concern for her family. Together, these two characters reveal the struggle that tore this country apart… each trying to save their Tennessee.


Our history was a lot more interesting and explosive. We have uncovered facts and stories from our National Archives that have been hidden from us for years. We are historically accurate, and we pull no punches. Bring your school-aged children. They will witness real American History and will help us to preserve our vanishing American heritage. We take neither side: we take America’s side.

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