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Fresh, simple ingredients. Delicious Sandwiches. Enjoy fresh made subs, wings and cheese steak sandwiches at Gatlinburg’s best sub shoppe. Located on the East Parkway, they are conveniently located next to the City Hall and Fire Department and Rocky Top Sports Complex. J.O.E & Pops Sub Shoppe is opening this spring and is owned and operated by the Johnson Family of Restaurants, who have perfected their food and service with over 30 years of experience in the smokies. If you are in Gatlinburg and hungry, this is the place to stop. There is also Mama’s Chicken Kitchen, located in the same building, where you can get the smokies best fried chicken and amazing homemade sides!

Here’s what you can expect when visiting this popular eatery:

Their menu is packed with a variety of sub sandwiches, ranging from classics like the Italian Sub and the Meatball Sub, to unique offerings like the Gatlinburger and the Cubano. In addition to subs, they serve comfort food classics like mac ‘n cheese, and each dish can be customized with an array of topping options.

The focus at J.O.E & Pop’s Sub Shoppe is on quality ingredients and expert preparation. Sandwiches are crafted with fresh bread, meats are cooked to perfection, and the portions are known to be generous.

The restaurant has a casual, welcoming atmosphere that’s perfect for a quick and satisfying meal. The staff is known to be friendly and quick with service.

They typically open at 11 am and close around 9 pm, making it an ideal option for lunch or dinner.

Conveniently located on East Parkway, J.O.E. & Pop’s Sub Shoppe is an excellent spot to fuel up during your Gatlinburg adventures. Their hearty subs and comfort food are sure to hit the spot! Enjoy your meal.

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