3 Great Things to Do in the Smoky Mountains in November

November is a joyous time of the year when you can sit down and enjoy time with your loved ones. November is the beginning of the busy holiday season, and it’s the perfect time for your family to get away and enjoy everything the area has to offer. These are 3 great things to do in the Smoky Mountains in November:

1. Hiking

Hiking in cooler weather can be the most exciting thing you ever do. As you hike to your destination, you will take in deep breaths of the cool mountain air. With the weather being cooler, the most popular hiking spots in the Smoky Mountains will be less busy than they typically are in the spring, summer and early fall. Also, at the beginning of November, the fall colors are still out in full force so you will still get the chance to take in the bright colors of red, orange, and yellow, making your trip to the Smoky Mountains even more unforgettable.

Some of the great hiking trails in the Smoky Mountains in November include Laurel Falls, Rainbow Falls, and Alum Cave Bluff Trail. All are great locations to hike throughout the year. But during November, they provide hikers with amazing sights of colors or if it is cold enough, frozen icicles or waterfalls!

2. November Events

Throughout the Smoky Mountains, there are many great events going on to honor the fall and holiday season. There are Smoky Mountain events that feature regional arts and crafts, celebrations for veterans, and events that will put you in the holiday spirit as December is quickly approaching. Some of the great events include a huge Veteran’s Day Celebration, the Great Smoky Mountains Arts and Crafts Show, and the beginning of Smoky Mountain Winterfest to get you in the holiday spirit.

3. Local Attractions

An arrangement of pumpkins and fall leaves.

The cooler weather may be here to stay. However, there are still many great things to do in the Smoky Mountains in November. Most of the popular attractions are still open for you and your family members to enjoy. The cooler weather means that busy spots like Cades Cove and Clingmans Dome are less crowded. Meaning that you get to enjoy these amazing activities at a more leisurely pace. 

November is a glorious time of the year full of celebrating families and being thankful for everything that you have. You don’t want to miss out on the many things to do in the Smoky Mountains in November! Plan your trip today to the Smoky Mountains and see all the many amazing things to do in the Smoky Mountains.

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