4 Best Go-Kart Attractions in Pigeon Forge

Whether you are a first-time driver interested in trying go-karts or an experienced go-kart fan searching for the fastest karts in town, you will be happy to know that Pigeon Forge is home to some of the top go-kart tracks in the country! With everything from family tracks for kids to high-speed courses for enthusiasts, you can find it all in the Smokies! Here are 4 awesome attractions where you can drive the best go-karts in Pigeon Forge:

1. The Track Family Fun Park

Experience one of the most unique go-kart tracks in Pigeon Forge at The Track Family Fun Park! This exciting park features the famous Wild Woody track! The multi-level track lets you race up several stories, and circle back down the other side with a thrilling drop at the bottom! The Track Family Fun Park is perfect for guests of all ages! It also features Rookie Karts and Kiddie Karts for your children who might not be tall enough for the faster tracks!

2. SpeedZone Fun Park

Enjoy go-kart racing for the entire family at SpeedZone Fun Park, an action-packed facility offering 4 incredible tracks to try out! The Slick Track is the fastest track for those who feel the need for speed. However, the Coaster Track is the largest track for tons of racing fun! As if that doesn’t sound good enough, try out the incredible Spiral Track that spans 3 levels as you race against your friends. If you have young children with you, there is even a special Kiddie Track that is designed especially with the little racer in mind!

3. Dubby’s Xtreme Racing

boy driving a go kart

For those speed demons who want to drive the fastest go-karts in the Smokies, head over to Xtreme Racing! This facility features high-speed European race karts. There are 3 thrilling courses to race around on! The Xtreme Track is filled with winding turns and narrow straightaways for the adventure of a lifetime! Or, you can try the combo run where you experience the same track in reverse! Xtreme Racing also offers an exhilarating 1,500-foot elevated track where you will zip through twists and turns on a smooth paved track.

4. Adventure Raceway

For more of the best go-karts in Pigeon Forge, check out Adventure Raceway! This attraction features a wooden elevated track that takes you up a 3 story spiral to “The Hump” before circling back down the other side to do it all over again! The entire ride lasts around 5 minutes as you race your family members in an intense and fun competition!

When planning your trip to the Great Smoky Mountains, be sure to check out all of our go-kart attraction coupons to save money on your vacation!

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June 23, 2016

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