5 of the Best Coupons for Go Karts in Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge might just be the go kart capital of the United States! Our Smoky Mountain city is filled with awesome tracks that offer high octane fun for the whole family. To help you make the most of your vacation, Smoky Mountain Navigator has put together a guide to the places with the best go karts in Pigeon Forge and links to some excellent Pigeon Forge go kart coupons:

1. The Track

Two men racing on a go kart track.The Track is one of the most popular courses that we offer Pigeon Forge go kart coupons for. It’s definitely home to some of the best go karts in Pigeon Forge! Racers can zoom through the classic track with overpasses or conquer the “Wild Woody,” a three story spiraling wooden track. The Track even offers special kiddie karts that you only need to be 3 feet tall to drive! Besides go karts, visitors to The Track can also enjoy mini golf, bumper cars, bumper boats, kiddie rides, bungee jumping, an arcade, and a SkyFlyer. Follow the link to see all of our coupons for The Track.

2. NASCAR SpeedPark

With a name like NASCAR SpeedPark, you know this attraction has to be good! Guests at the SpeedPark will have the chance to race in a ⅜ scale version of an actual Sprint Cup car, which is a totally unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else in Pigeon Forge. NASCAR SpeedPark offers an impressive variety of tracks, including the D-oval-shaped Smoky Mountain Speedway and the hourglass-shaped Family 500. Smoky Mountain Navigator has a NASCAR SpeedPark coupon for your visit.

3. Xtreme Racing Center

kid driving go kartXtreme Racing Center boasts some of the fastest go karts in Pigeon Forge. The course’s professional grade Sodi racing karts can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour! Guests can experience Xtreme’s 3,500 ft. linear track or take on the exhilarating 1,500 ft. elevated track. Remember to print out our Xtreme Racing Center coupon for your next vacation.

4. SpeedZone Fun Park

SpeedZone Fun Park offers high powered go karts and a number of excellent tracks to choose from. Whether you choose the slick track, the oval track, or the wooden course (or all three!) you are in for a thrilling ride. Don’t forget to bring our SpeedZone Fun Park coupon.

5. Adventure Raceway

A young woman driving a go kart.

For more of the best go karts in Pigeon Forge, head to Adventure Raceway. Adventure Raceway is a local favorite! This great course features an elevated wooden track that takes racers up a three story spiral to “The Hump” and then down the other side. Visitors can also enjoy the attraction’s fun bumper boats, which are a great way to cool down on a hot summer’s day. You’ll definitely want to take advantage of our Adventure Raceway coupon.

Tips for Racing Go Karts in Pigeon Forge

You’ll love the opportunity to race go karts in Pigeon Forge at any of these tracks! To guarantee you have a great time, we recommend bringing the whole family along to enjoy the adventure. The little ones will love being able to ride alongside mom and dad, or take the driver’s seat at one of the kid-friendly tracks! You should also take advantage of the other fun things these go kart tracks in Pigeon Forge offer, like rides, games and mini golf. And, of course, our final tip is to take advantage of our coupons on your vacation. When you save money with our coupons you’ll be able to enjoy more fun activities in the Smoky Mountains!

With all of these coupons for go karts in Pigeon Forge, you can get a great deal no matter where you choose to race. For even more discounts on things to do, places to eat, and lodging in the area, check out all of our Pigeon Forge coupons!

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