8 Exciting Rides at The Island in Pigeon Forge You Need to Experience

You probably know The Island in Pigeon Forge is an exciting entertainment complex with plenty of shopping opportunities, incredible restaurants, and thrilling attractions you won’t want to miss! While there are plenty of places you’ll want to visit at The Island, you can’t skip out on thrilling attractions! You’ll see some incredible rides everyone in your family will want to try, from moving theaters to an interactive indoor game! Here are 8 exciting rides at The Island in Pigeon Forge you need to experience:

1. Happy Swing

happy swingAnyone who loves swings will want to check out this ride at The Island in Pigeon Forge! Happy Swing is a new take on a playground classic. Riders can sit on either side of the swing, and they will feel weightless as they swing back and forth up to 9 feet in the air.

2. The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel

You can’t visit The Island without hopping on The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel! No one can miss this 200-foot-tall ferris wheel that lights up during the day and at night! You’ll love watching the colorful lights change on the wheel, but rising high above the city is incredible any time of the day when you ride the ferris wheel!

3. Reverse Time

reverse time the island in pigeon forgeAnother thrilling ride you can’t miss is Reverse Time! You’ll dip, dive, and spin as you go around and around in a circle on this exciting attraction! As the main mechanism spins one direction, the seats will spin in another!

4. ThunderDome

ThunderDome is an attraction where you can jump and flip on trampolines! The original Bungee Trampoline designer also created this 32-foot-tall aluminum dome where 3 bungee jump trampolines sit. See if you can flip yourself as you jump high in the air!

5. SkyFly: Soar America

skyfly soar america the island in pigeon forgeOne of the newest rides at The Island in Pigeon Forge is SkyFly: Soar America. Guests will hop into the theater seats and experience flying over some of the most iconic areas in North America through a spectacular film. Not only will you get to see incredible sights, you’ll also get to experience sounds and smells like never before! You don’t want to miss out on SkyFly!

6. 7D Dark Ride Adventure

7D Dark Ride Adventure is an exciting game where you go through 7 different dimensions shooting at various obstacles and creatures to make it through each world. You’ll come in contact with zombies and mad scientists that created robots, and your job is to obliterate all of them by the end of the game!

7. Spinning Parrots Coaster

parrot coaster ride at the island in pigeon forgeWhether you have young children who want to experience thrills or you want to try it yourself, you can’t miss out on riding the Spinning Parrots Coasters! This family friendly roller coaster looks like a parrot, and as you make your way along the track, your cart will spin around and around!

8. Twist ‘N’ Shout

Another exciting ride at The Island in Pigeon Forge you can’t miss is Twist ‘N’ Shout! You’ll rise to the top of the tower in your harness, and as you spin, you wait in anticipation for the ride to drop you quickly back to the ground! Your heart will race as you wait for the unexpected drop!

You won’t want to miss out on any of these rides at The Island in Pigeon Forge, so be sure to stop by all of them while you’re visiting this entertainment complex! Trying to decide what else you will do when you’re in town? Check out these other fun things to do in Pigeon Forge!

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