From Point A to B with Charm: Pigeon Forge Trolley App

Pigeon Forge Mass Transit Trolley

Did you know that Pigeon Forge sees an estimated nine million tourists per calendar year? No wonder it’s so hard to find parking!

Pigeon Forge Mass Transit Trolley, known to be the third largest trolley system in the United States, has implemented a new system that will help both locals and tourists alike navigate the Pigeon Forge Parkway with ease. 

Having just completed a $5.4 million dollar station at Patriot Park this past year, Pigeon Forge Mass Transit Trolley has recently unveiled its new app! You can find it in the app store by searching for ‘Pigeon Forge Mass Transit’.  

By downloading the free app from either the Apple Store or Google Play, those who are visiting Pigeon Forge will gain instant access to trolley arrival times, real-time trolley routes utilizing GPS, and purchases/use passes intended for the trolley. It’s a one-stop shop for a day of tranquil travel through one of Tennessee’s best attractions. 

With freshly polished wooden benches, cool AC, and spacious seating, the Pigeon Forge Mass Transit Trolleys get the Smoky Mountain Navigator stamp of approval. You also can’t beat the grade-A hospitality provided by the drivers, who are always happy to answer any questions that first-time riders may have.

Along with comfort, your itinerary is safe with the Pigeon Forge Mass Transit Trolleys app. With its GPS function, users will be able to accurately track the trolley’s path and see accurate pick-up/departure times. For those who want to make it to Dollywood right as the park is opening, this is a valuable resource to keep in your pocket!

Why Take The Trolley?

Now, you may be thinking, this is all good and fine, but why not just drive myself around Pigeon Forge? 

Here’s the thing: Pigeon Forge is a not-quite-well-kept-secret that everyone wants to visit, which is great! However, it can make things like finding parking difficult, especially during the busy tourist season. Remember that big number at the beginning of this article? 

The Pigeon Forge Mass Transit Trolleys app, called Pigeon Forge Mass Transit, is the perfect solution for avoiding pesky parking meters, crowded parking lots, and emotional roller coasters that come from thinking you found the perfect parking spot (but then there’s a motorcycle hiding just behind a truck bed). 

The app allows tourists to easily plan their trip using the trolley system while saving money as they explore all that Pigeon Forge has to offer. 

It is fast, convenient, and easy to use. It also saves locals and guests money on gas and the cost of parking. 

The Pigeon Forge Mass Transit Trolleys are a win-win all around! 

Enjoy the beauty of The Great Smoky Mountains in style. Save time, money, and the environment by cutting down on the amount of pollution and fuel consumption. 

Download the app today and hit the road with Pigeon Forge Mass Transit Trolleys! 

To learn more about The Pigeon Forge Mass Transit Trolley, visit our page here

Apple Store: download here

Google Play: download here

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