Pigeon Forge Car Show Schedule for 2016

Pigeon Forge car shows and rod runs get more and more popular each year! People come from all over the country to set up and show some of their favorite cars. We’ve put together the 2016 Pigeon Forge car show schedule and tips to help you plan your visit to a car show below.

2016 Pigeon Forge Car Show Schedule Dates and Locations

Spring Corvette Expo2016 Pigeon Forge Car Show Schedule Dates and Locations

Dates: March 18-19

Location: Sevierville Convention Center

Official website: http://www.corvetteexpo.com/

Spring Grand Rod Run

Dates: April 14-16

Location: LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge

Official website: http://www.rodrun-pigeonforge.com/

Pontiacs in Pigeon Forge

Dates: June 3-5

Location: Music Road Convention Center

Official website: http://www.pontiacsinpigeonforge.com/

What to expect at a Pigeon Forge Car ShowShades of the Past

Dates: September 9-10

Location: Dollywood’s Splash Country

Official website: http://www.shadesofthepast.com/

Fall Grand Rod Run

Dates: September 15-17

Location: LeConte Center in PIgeon Forge

Official website: http://www.rodrun-pigeonforge.com/

Things You Need for a Pigeon Forge Car ShowWhat to Expect

When you visit a Pigeon Forge car show, you can expect to be spending time with a lot of people who have the same interests as you! Visiting a car show is completely free, unless you’re showing a car or visiting an event at the LeConte Center. At the LeConte Center, there’s going to be a small fee to attend (likely around $10) and if you’re showing a vehicle, you’ll have to register your car at the official websites listed above.

For the Pigeon Forge car shows that take place along the Parkway, you can drive up and down the street to view the cars, or even park, wander around or pick a spot to set up and enjoy the afternoon.

All about the different car shows in Pigeon Forge 2016Things You Need

If you plan to spend the day visiting a car show, it’s a good idea to take folding chairs or at least blankets for setting up a spot and relaxing. It’s also great to pack a cooler with snacks or meals for the events that are held along the Parkway.

If you set up a spot, you can also stop in any of the Pigeon Forge restaurants that are nearby. Take a look at all of our favorite Pigeon Forge restaurants for your afternoon!

Looking for other fun things to do in the area while you’re visiting for a Pigeon Forge car show? CLICK HERE to take a look at the best Pigeon Forge attractions to visit!

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