Ursus Bipedus: The Real-Life ‘Bigfoot’ Bear of the Smoky Mountains

The Kodiak Conservation Trust research team, led by Ralf Sopoli, has made a stunning discovery – they have found a new bear species in the Smoky Mountains outside Gatlinburg, dubbed “Bigfoot Bear.”

Those who worked on the project have named the species Ursus bipedus or “Bigfoot Bear.” After intentionally setting a controlled forest fire on March 3rd that covered an area of 377 acres along Maple Branch, people first sighted this bipedal species.

Until recently, people believed that bears only stood on their hind legs when they felt threatened; however, someone recorded this bear walking up to two miles on its hind legs. It only dropped down to all fours when it had to duck under a low-hanging branch.

On Friday, March 31st, 2023, the ranger released the following image to the public. Many believe it to be the same bear that he had spotted earlier.

bigfoot bear

What Does This ‘Bigfoot Bear’ Discovery Entail?

Initially, many experts dismissed the sighting as a misidentification or a hoax. Researchers decided to investigate further. DNA testing and analysis have confirmed that the bear is not directly related to the Smoky Mountain native black bear or a grizzly that wandered too far south. 

Dr. Jane Smith, a leading bear expert from Pioneer Tech Institute, said, “This is an incredible discovery. The Bigfoot myth has been around for years and is nearly as old as the Appalachian Mountains themselves. It’s incredible knowing that this bipedal bear could have been the source of that myth this whole time.” 

According to multiple accounts, “The Bigfoot Bear is a large, heavily muscled bear that stands over seven feet tall when fully upright. Its fur is thick and dark, and it has a distinctive ridge of fur along its spine.”

It’s still being examined as to why the bipedal bear has only just been discovered when the Bigfoot myth has been around for years. 

What Other Experts Are Saying

Dr. Rufus Whitaker, a prominent Bigfoot expert, had this to say about the discovery: “Well, I’ll be hogtied and hornswoggled. I’ve been looking for Bigfoot all my life, and it turns out he’s just a bear. I guess I’ll have to change my job title to ‘Bearfoot’ expert now.”

Despite the humorous reaction from some, this discovery is an important breakthrough in our understanding of the animal kingdom and the diversity of life on our planet. The Bigfoot Bear is a remarkable new species that reminds us that there is still so much to learn about the natural world around us.

While the discovery of the Bigfoot Bear may be shocking, it also serves as a reminder to keep an open mind and to always be on the lookout for new and exciting discoveries in the natural world. Who knows what other surprises the Smoky Mountains may have in store for us?

Save The Black Bears

In the article, we mention the Smoky Mountain native black bear. Black bears are an iconic symbol of the Smoky Mountains National Park and have played an important role in shaping the region’s natural history. The Smoky Mountains are home to one of the largest populations of American black bears. Park guests are often thrilled to catch a glimpse of these magnificent creatures.

Black bears are critical to the park’s ecosystem. Unfortunately, human-bear conflicts often arise when people leave food and garbage out in the open, which can lead to bears becoming habituated to humans and ultimately putting them in danger. This is where Appalachian Bear Rescue comes in. By supporting their efforts, you can help protect these majestic animals and ensure their continued existence in the Smoky Mountains.

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