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American Eagle Foundation is a brand-new facility where family fun takes flight! 

Embark on a soaring adventure at the premier raptor experience of the Smokies! Explore the nation’s largest aviaries, spread your wings in our Raptor Museum, and frolic like a falcon on our Raptor Roost playscape. 

With over 40+ resident raptors, you can see eagles, hawks, owls, falcons, and vultures. Create core family memories while witnessing an avian training session. Watch a bald eagle in flight, see a raptor paint on canvas, or a raven recycle. 

Stroll through our Raptor Museum and learn the story of world-famous bald eagles like Challenger and Osceola. Test your knowledge about raptors, measure your wingspan against several native species, or capture the perfect selfie with our light up wings. 

Kids can learn though play at Raptor Roost playground, opening this spring. After “hatching” from our larger-than-life eagle’s nest, take flight on a zip-line, climb over a wing-shaped obstacle course, and soar on the swings. 

Visit the gift shop where you can find an array of eagle-themed merchandise, educational materials, and unique souvenirs. “Adopt” a stuffie version of your favorite bird, with all proceeds from your purchase going directly to care for the real ones! 

American Eagle Foundation is a recognized 501c3 organization. All donations go towards our mission of conserving and protecting the bald eagles and other birds of prey. 

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