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Beyond The Lens!  Where Technology and Entertainment collide for Techno-Tainment™! an exciting adventure for all ages packed with over 150 interactive exhibits!  You will walk the red carpet and appear as a contestant on your favorite Hollywood game show. Dance your way through the decades. Take a trip through pop-culture and play some of the most iconic video games from the 1960’s and beyond. Escape our mini challenge. Take fun photo ops in our ultimate Selfie Gallery. Give a speech as President of the United States in our Press Room. Explore the mysteries behind the historic day surrounding the JFK assassination. Hunt for Bigfoot in our forest featuring our themed shooting gallery. Discover the moon landing and search for aliens in our huge space-themed ball pit!

There is more! Come immerse yourself in some of the most amazing virtual reality experiences anywhere! Grab your laser sword in each hand and dance your way through Beat Saber. Be chased by dinosaurs in Jurassic Escape jeep ride. Design and RIDE your own rollercoaster and test your fear of heights on Walk the Plank!

Brand new to Beyond the Lens is their amazing new family-fun ride, The Flyride! Take flight across America in this fully immersive adventure, giving you the feeling and experience of flight. Take your vacation to entirely new heights at one of the fastest growing attractions in the smokies, Beyond The Lends and their amazing new ride FLYRIDE!!!!

Knowing all this it is easy to understand why the building has fallen over!  It is impossible to contain so much fun under one roof!

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