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There’s just something about a fondue pot that invites conversation, laughter, and coming together. The Melting Pot is the premier fondue restaurant, where guests can enjoy their choice of a variety of unique entrees, salads, and indulgent desserts. Tailor your visit with a four-course dining experience or come by for fondue cheese paired with the perfect bottle of wine, or just stop in for some of our amazing desserts that will fill any craving. Whether you are celebrating romance, a birthday or an anniversary, the Melting Pot offers something truly unique.

Fondue Experience at Melting Pot Gatlinburg

This restaurant specializes in fondue, a traditional Swiss dish where guests cook their own items in a pot filled with melted cheese, hot broth, or chocolate. You can choose from a variety of fondue styles, including cheese fondue, savory entrée fondue with meats and vegetables, and delicious dessert options.

Each table at The Melting Pot is equipped with a personal heating element or a fondue pot, allowing guests to participate in the cooking process right at their table. This interactive dining experience offers a fun and memorable meal with friends, family, or loved ones.

The restaurant offers a diverse menu to cater to various tastes and dietary preferences. Cheese fondues include classic choices like cheddar and Swiss, as well as unique blends featuring beer, wine, or seasonings. For the main course, you can choose from various meats, seafood, and vegetarian options. Finish off with delectable chocolate fondue for dessert.

The Melting Pot focuses on using high-quality ingredients to ensure a delicious fondue experience. The meats are typically lean and fresh, and the cheese and chocolates are carefully crafted for optimum taste and texture.


The Melting Pot offers an intimate and upscale dining atmosphere, with dim lighting, cozy seating, and attentive service. It creates a perfect setting for special occasions, romantic dates, or enjoyable evenings with friends.

Located in the heart of Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

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