Moonshine Mountain Coaster

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Moonshine Mountain Coaster is the thrill of the Smokies! As Gatlinburg’s first mountain coaster, the Moonshine Mountain Coaster is a ride like no other. Enjoy the beautiful Smoky Mountain scenery on the way up and coast through the hills at speeds up to 30mph on the way down. This thrill ride features one-of-a-kind dips and turns, leaving you with memories that you can’t forget!

This attraction is a thrilling alpine coaster that takes riders on a winding journey down the mountainside. You can control the speed of your coaster cart as you navigate through sharp turns, dips, and twists. The coaster track is set amidst the natural beauty of the Smoky Mountains, offering riders breathtaking views as they descend the mountain. You can enjoy the scenery and take in the surrounding landscape during your ride.

They prioritize safety and provide safety instructions before your ride. The coaster carts have seat belts, and there are safety barriers along the track to ensure a secure experience. The coaster is designed to accommodate riders of different ages and thrill preferences. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or prefer a more leisurely ride, the Moonshine Mountain Coaster offers an enjoyable experience for visitors of all ages.

Hours of Operation:

Open Monday – Sunday: 10am-11pm

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