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Located on the Island in Pigeon Forge, Ridemakerz is a unique and fun experience!

Since its inception in 2006, Ridemakerz has been committed to the importance of play in the positive development of kids. Driven by real-world car culture and a passion for having fun, Ridemakerz inspires self-expression through the creation of one-of-a-kind toy cars or Ridez. The brand’s intense focus on detail, quality, and the joy of creating something unique has won praise from kids, parents, educators, industry leaders, and car enthusiasts alike.

Ridemakerz invites guests, or “Customizers”, into the ultimate car customizing experience where they can build one-of-a-kind Ridez (1:18 scale; about the size of a football). Between body styles and colors, rims and tires, lights and sounds, accessories, and decals, there are more than 649 million possible combinations, not including individual decal placement! Once you have chosen your customizations, you head to the Assembly Station. At this station, the friendly guides at Ridemakerz will assist you in building your custom ride. You can choose to be hands-on and put your car together or let the guides do it for you while you observe and ask questions. After building your custom car, you can put it to the test on one of the racing tracks available at Ridemakerz. Compete against your friends and family in friendly races to see who has the fastest and most skillfully built car.

Apart from the car itself, Ridemakerz offers additional options for personalization. You can add personalized license plates, keychains, and even custom-designed clothing for your creation. These extras make your Ridemakerz car truly unique and reflective of your own personal style.

Ridemakerz offers a fun and interactive experience where you get to create a one-of-a-kind toy car or truck. Whether you’re a car enthusiast, looking for a unique gift, or simply wanting a fun activity for the family, Ridemakerz in Pigeon Forge provides an exciting opportunity to design and assemble a custom ride to your specifications.

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