Ripley’s Haunted Adventure

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Ripley’s Haunted Adventure interior

You’re Never Alone in the Dark! Frights, Fun, and Screams for Everyone! Enjoy this multi-million, state-of-the-art World-class Haunted Attraction & Gatlinburg’s #1 Haunted House! New hauntings, special effects, and live actors! Bring all your family and friends…there’s safety in numbers!

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure offers a haunted house-style attraction that combines elaborate sets, special effects, and frightful scenes. As you make your way through the haunted house, you’ll encounter various spooky rooms, dark corridors, and surprises that aim to give you a spine-chilling experience.

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure often presents a unique storyline that sets the stage for the haunted house experience. The attraction may feature themed rooms or scenarios that contribute to the overall narrative and create an immersive atmosphere.

Unlike some haunted house attractions that rely solely on animatronics and props, Ripley’s Haunted Adventure often incorporates live actors throughout the experience. These skilled actors are known for their interactive performances, creating a more intense and realistic encounter.

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure is designed to provide a scary experience, but the level of scare can vary from person to person. It is typically recommended for older children, teenagers, and adults who enjoy horror and thrill-themed experiences. Guests who are more sensitive to scares or have young children may want to consider the appropriateness of the attraction before visiting.

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