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two go-karts on the track

Keep your eyes open for SpeedZone Fun Park located near Traffic Light #7. This wonderland of go-kart racing is a great way for any family, couples, or group to start their day. Boasting two of the best custom-made twister tracks anywhere! All 4 of the racetracks are built to offer challenging corners and curves that will put your go-kart racing skills to the ultimate test! Don’t forget about our Slick Track as well!

Enjoy a round of mini golf at SpeedZone’s scenic and challenging course. Putt your way through obstacles and enjoy the beautifully landscaped surroundings as you compete against family and friends.

SpeedZone Fun Park features an arcade area with an array of arcade games, including classics and modern interactive experiences. Collect tickets and redeem them for prizes, making it a fun and competitive activity for all ages.

In addition to go-karts, SpeedZone offers outdoor rides that provide thrills and entertainment for the whole family. These may include bumper boats, bumper cars, and a ferris wheel, among others, allowing you to customize your experience.

During your visit, you can refuel and grab a bite to eat at the SpeedZone snack bar. They offer a variety of food and beverage options, ensuring you have the energy to continue enjoying the attractions.

They have a Park Hopper Pass which allows access to 3 other locations which include; LazerPort Fun Center, Rockin’ Raceway, and the brand new Xtreme Racing Center (some restrictions do apply)!

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