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Tennessee Homemade Wines specializes in sweet wines that are made from local Tennessee grapes. A family tradition is brought to you and your family and you can taste it in every sip and every bottle.

Tennessee Homemade Wines offers wine tastings, allowing you to sample a selection of their wines before making a purchase. It’s an excellent opportunity to discover new flavors and find your favorites among their offerings.

The winery specializes in handcrafted wines made from a range of fruits, including berries, peaches, apples, and grapes. In addition to traditional grape wines, you can try fruit wines that showcase the flavors of Tennessee. From sweet to dry varietals, they offer a diverse range of wines to suit different palates.

Tennessee Homemade Wines takes pride in producing wines that reflect the local flavors and traditions of the region. They source their fruits from local farms and use traditional winemaking techniques to create their unique blends, offering an authentic taste of Tennessee.

The staff members at Tennessee Homemade Wines are knowledgeable about their wines and can provide you with information about the winemaking process, the various flavors, and the best food pairings. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek recommendations to enhance your wine-tasting experience.

If you find a wine you love during your tasting, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase bottles to take home. The store also offers a selection of wine-related accessories and gift items, making it a great place to find unique gifts for wine enthusiasts in your life.

Enjoy a free tasting and be sure to look for the coupon in this magazine to receive two free wine glasses with any wine purchase. Look for Tennessee Homemade Wines right on the Parkway in Gatlinburg and stop in for a sample of some of the South’s finest.

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