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Two massive go-cart tracks, offering varying speeds for everyone’s tastes, bumper boats, miniature golf, a kid’s area with children’s rides, thrill rides for adults, and an arcade for the entire family. The Track is the premier go-cart attraction in Pigeon Forge and has long been a family favorite of those visiting the area. Family fun is still affordable at the Track and Super Track. There is fun around every corner at the Track in Pigeon Forge!

One of the main attractions at The Track is its go-kart racing. They offer a selection of go-kart tracks suitable for different age groups and skill levels. The Super Track is a standout attraction at The Track, featuring a longer and faster track for those seeking an extra dose of speed and excitement.

The Super Track at The Track is a high-speed go-kart racing experience designed for thrill-seekers. The track is larger and longer compared to other tracks, providing ample opportunities for overtaking and sharp turns. It offers a more exhilarating racing experience with increased speed and adrenaline.

In addition to go-kart racing, The Track offers various family-friendly rides and attractions. These include bumper cars, a carousel, mini-golf, and kiddie rides. These options ensure that there’s something for everyone to enjoy, regardless of age or thrill preference.

The Track features a classic arcade area where you can enjoy a variety of arcade games and try your hand at winning prizes. It’s a great option for a fun break from the outdoor activities and provides entertainment for all ages.

For those seeking an extreme adrenaline rush, The Track offers bungee jumping. Leap off a towering platform while securely harnessed, experiencing the sensation of free fall before being gently pulled back up.

Whether you’re looking for a thrilling racing experience on the Super Track or want to enjoy a range of family-friendly activities, The Track offers a fun-filled experience in Pigeon Forge.

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