Directions to Gatlinburg

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Directions to Gatlinburg TN:

From the North (e.g., from Ohio or Michigan): You would typically take I-75 South towards Tennessee, then take I-40 East to US-321 South (Exit 435) and follow that into Gatlinburg.

From the South (e.g., from Florida or Georgia): You’d generally take I-75 North to I-40 East, get off at Exit 435, and follow US-321 South into Gatlinburg.

From the East (e.g., from North Carolina): You’d likely take I-40 West into Tennessee, then take US-321 South (Exit 435) and follow that to Gatlinburg.

From the West (e.g., from Nashville): You’d usually take I-40 East, then take US-321 South (Exit 435) and follow this road into Gatlinburg.

Upon reaching Gatlinburg, you can use local roads and follow signs to reach your specific destination. Always make sure to use a GPS or a reliable mapping service to get the most accurate directions based on your specific location and current road conditions. Safe travels!

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