b'hemlock forests and along a streamside toJump-Off.Bothgivevisitorsanamazing the base of the 80-foot falls. Though this isview that is well worth the walk.one of the more difficult short trails, it is well worth the trip once you reach the falls. Gregory BaldT-12 Day Hikes Distance: 11.6 MilesDifficulty: Strenuous (Distance is Round Trip)This hike is not an easy one, but those who choose to take it can look forward to one of Alum Cave to Mt. Le ConteT-10thefinestviewsintheSmokies.Distance: 10.2 MilesDifficulty: ModerateOverlookingthebeautifulCadesCove Many will argue that this trail is the best inbasin, Gregory Balds also offers a mid-June the Smokies. The trail is highlighted by Archspectacle ofazaleas. This hike is intended Rock, Huggins Hell, Inspir-ation Point, Alumfor experienced hikers and will often take Cave Bluff, and Le Conte lodge atop thean average of four hours just to reach the mountain. The trail ranges from fairly levelBalds. to steep and difficult, offeringhikers the opportunity to view countless treasures andRamsay CascadesT-13 breathtaking views. At the top of Mount Le Distance: 8.0 MilesDifficulty: Strenuous Conte, hikers can view a plethora of sceneryRamsay Cascades offers one of the most standing at 6,593 feet above sea level.spectacularwaterfallsintheSmoky Mountains, but the trek arriving there can Charlies BunionT-11be very difficult to traverse. Though the trail National Park Distance: 8.0 Miles - Difficulty: Moderatebegins as a fairly easy path, it becomes a A heavily traveled path, the trail to Charliesrockysurfacethatcanbecomeveryslick Bunion follows the Appala-chian Trail for aanddangerouswhenmoist.Lyingdeep majority of your trek. Offering a moderatelywithintheserenesurroundingsofthe difficult hike, the trail is relatively easy withmountains, the trail takes visitors through more difficult terrain towards the end of thepristinewildernesstotwostreams trail. The highlight of this hike is the finecascadingoveraledgeandformingan panoramic views that are available at bothimmaculatescenethatbegsforapicnic the beginning and the end of the hike. Youlunch. Though this trail offers an amazing caneitherstandatopCharliesBunion,destination, make sure that you are up to offeringaneasyrestingplace,orthethe trip. SmokyMountainNavigator.com 133'