b'MagiQuestI-4 Rowdy Bear RidgeG-2Go on an adventure in this castle themedThree attractions in Pigeon Forge includes attraction. Enjoy their newly remodeled andthe areas first year-round outdoor tubing, moredifficultmirrormaze,black-lightanaerialtwinseatcoasterwithLASER miniature golf, a brand new arcade and theGUNS and an amazing mountain coaster. MagiQuest adventure attraction, that allowsThe Tubing Hill is the longest and fastest withup to 35 mph! Take in the great youtoputyourselfinthegame.Itisaspeeds views of the smokies during this amazing perfectmixtureofatreasurehunt&a dragon slaying good time. It is a MUST SEE. new adventure in Pigeon Forge!2491 Parkway(865) 686-5586 2155 Parkway (865) 409-5045Parrot Mountain & GardensC-10 SkyFly Soar AmericaI-5The SkyFly is a flying theater where guests Enjoy a beautiful landscaped waterfall andgarden setting as you experience the sightsexperience the feeling of flight as they soar Pigeon Forge and sounds of tropical birds from aroundover some of the most iconic locations in theworld. Thisfaithbasedattractionhasthe United States. It is fully immersive as you becomeaquickfavoriteoflocalsandexperiencethesights,sounds,andeven smells like never before on this one-of-a-tourists alike.kind adventure. It is fun for the entire family! 1471 McCarter Hollow Rd.(865) 774-1749at The Island (865) 217-1430Pigeon Forge SnowH-4 Speed Zone Fun ParkH-10Come and enjoy indoor snow tubing andThis wonderland of go-cart racing is a great family fun in the snow all year round! It isway to start or end your day in the Smokies. always between 60 - 70 degrees, so there isTwo of the best custom made twister tracks no need to even bundle up while enjoyinganywhere! All four of the racetracks are built this 100 percent REAL SNOW experience.withchallengingcornersandcurvesthat 2533 Teaster Ln.(865) 366-1334will put your skills to the test. 3315 S. River Rd. (865) 908-7255 Pink Jeep Tours of the SmokiesI-9ThesesignatureadventuretoursarelikeSmoky Mtn. Alpine CoasterM-6nothingelseintheSmokies.PinkJeepYou can not miss the BEST Alpine Coaster increates an experience through breathtakingthe smokies. Over one mile long, you will guided tour adventures. Enjoy your trek inridethehillsandfeelthethrillsatthis one of their signature jeeps or tour trekkersawesomeattraction. Itisacoasterwhere and discover first hand what you have beenyou control the speed, but nothing stops missingonallyourprevioustripstothethe fun. Located 1.4 miles off the parkway. smokies.ToursdepartfromtheirPigeon867 Wears Valley Rd.(865) 365-5000Forge office. On The Parkway(844) 710-7465Top Jump Trampoline ParkH-13TopJump Trampoline & Extreme Arena is a Professor Hackers Lost Treasure GolfI-8 30,000squarefootstate-of-the-artfun Ride a mining train through caverns, ancientcenter on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge! The ruins,andbeneathwaterfallstoenjoyent irefamilycanenjoyourtraditionalminiaturegolfatitsfinest.Professortrampoline features including open jump, Hackersisoneofthebestthemedanddodgeball,basketball,airbagstunts,and most fun courses in the area and has been aadditional features including a ninja course, long standing favorite attraction. climbing walls, arcade, and a massive candy 3010 Parkway(865) 453-0307store! DO IT ALL in this huge indoor fun center! Rocky Top Mountain CoasterE-10 3735 Parkway(865) 366-3400 Enjoy twists, turns, tunnels and more at the longest coaster in East Tennessee. This riderToy Box Mini-GolfH-13controlled coaster features four lifts, tunnelsAll-new outdoor 18 hole toy-themed mini and illuminated night rides. The ride is overgolf course is now open in Pigeon Forge! nine minutes long and is set in one of theThe larger-than-life toy experience begins most scenic spots in the smoky mountains.as you arrive and see the Toy Box building Each single cart can go up to 30 mph and isoverflowing with toys! Putt around several fun for all ages.massive toys such as a 30-foot-tall falling 2940 Veterans Blvd. (865) 453-0033block tower, water gun fountain, and giant fighting robots to name a few! 112 Dollywood Ln.(865) 229-992294Coupons Start On Page 55SmokyMountainNavigator.com'