Top 4 Dessert Spots in Pigeon Forge

There’s plenty of reasons why Pigeon Forge is a great place to take the family on vacation, and one of them is the quality of great desserts that restaurants in Pigeon Forge serve their guests. We’re sure your family will have temptations at the various little shops that serve sweet treats on the Parkway, but you might want to spoil your dinner when you see our top 4 dessert spots in Pigeon Forge.

blackberry cobbler at pigeon forge restaurant1. Alamo Steakhouse and Saloon

When a steakhouse knows how to prepare great steaks like ​Alamo Steakhouse and Saloon​ does, you don’t always think of — or have room for — having dessert. If you’re still hungry, it’s highly recommended you check out what they offer after their tasty main course. At Alamo, they mix it up with a few cakes, pies, and their award-winning, grandmother-approved apple crisp. This is the ultimate in yummy creations that you’ll have to taste for yourself!

2. Big Daddy’s Pizzeria

Big Daddy’s Pizzeria​ not only serves up a great wood-fired pizza pie and the delectable Dough Daddies appetizer, they also give you a heavy dose of made-from-scratch desserts that’ll have you rubbing your tummy with delight. The only thing more Italian than the pizza itself has to be their cannoli. You even have a choice between caramel pretzel and tiramisu flavors for this delicious dessert. We also suggest the Big Daddy Brownie and S’mores if your stomach can handle that bonus treat!

3. Mama’s Farmhouse

peach cobbler at pigeon forge restaurantMama’s Farmhouse​ is a family-style buffet with all the best Southern fixings you could want when you’re visiting. Mama certainly knows best here with all the heaping amounts of food that get served for your hungry family. This is the one place that dessert would be hard to miss, as they offer it as an essential part of your meal. With Southern staples such as Peach Cobbler and Banana Pudding, you know you’re getting some of the finest that you’ve ever tasted of each one anywhere.

4. Pottery House Café & Grille

Not to be confused with The Old Mill Restaurant, the ​Pottery House Cafe & Grille does things a little different. Their items are a bit more creative, and they offer a nice choice of their fresh-baked breads, but their desserts are simply fantastic. Try any one of their pleasing pies. You won’t feel the need to try any other pies offered anywhere else; they’re simply that good! If you want to have cake, traditional favorites like chocolate and carrot are can’t-miss items either.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 4 dessert spots in Pigeon Forge!

Now are you convinced that ordering dessert at a restaurant isn’t a bad idea! Pigeon Forge doesn’t just deliver great dessert, they also do a great job in their fine local restaurants too. If you want to see other great restaurants in Pigeon Forge, check out ​Pigeon Forge dining​ for more Southern dining experiences!

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