Aerial Tramway to Ober Gatlinburg

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This Aerial Tramway ride gives you spectacular views en route to the Ober Mountain Ski Resort and Amusement Park in Gatlinburg. Enjoy this relaxing ride to the top of Ski Mountain, as you take in amazing views of the smokies. Save off your tram ride with the coupon below on your next visit to the Smokies!

The Aerial Tramway provides transportation between downtown Gatlinburg and Ober Gatlinburg. It is a cable car system that takes you on a scenic ride up the mountain, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding Smoky Mountains and the town below.

As you ascend in the Aerial Tramway, you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the lush forests, majestic mountains, and the charming town of Gatlinburg. The tramway offers a unique perspective and allows you to take in the natural beauty of the area.

The tram cabins are designed to provide a comfortable and smooth ride up the mountain. They are spacious, equipped with large windows for optimal viewing, and often offer seating for both standing and sitting passengers.

The Aerial Tramway provides an accessible mode of transportation, accommodating individuals with mobility challenges. The cabins are typically designed to accommodate wheelchairs and strollers, making it accessible for everyone.

Upon arriving at Ober Gatlinburg, you’ll find a wide range of activities and attractions. These can include skiing, snowboarding (in the winter), ice skating, a wildlife encounter, a scenic chairlift, mini-golf, and various dining options. Ober Gatlinburg offers year-round entertainment and recreation suitable for visitors of all ages.

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