Amazing Mirror Maze

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Get lost and experience Gatlinburg’s largest mirror maze at this mind-bending a(maze)ing attraction. You can enjoy black-light 3D putt-putt as well right next door. Combo the Mirror Maze and Circus Golf for only $12 with our coupon below and save while you are having fun in the Smokies.

The Amazing Mirror Maze is an immersive indoor maze filled with mirrors, lights, and optical illusions. Navigating through the maze can be a challenging and fun experience as you try to find your way through the maze of reflections.

As you explore the maze, you may encounter mirror standoffs, which are sections where you’ll need to navigate around mirrors to find the correct path. These can add an extra layer of difficulty and trickiness to the experience.

The Amazing Mirror Maze is suitable for visitors of all ages. It’s a fun activity that can be enjoyed by families, groups of friends, or even individuals looking to test their navigation skills.

In addition to the maze itself, the Amazing Mirror Maze often includes interactive light effects and entertaining elements that enhance the overall experience. This can include fun surprises, illusions, and music to make your visit even more enjoyable.

The maze is designed in such a way that each visit can be a new and unique experience. The mirrors and paths are adjusted periodically to keep the maze challenging and intriguing, even for repeat visitors.

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