Lost Mine Mountain Coaster & Mini-Golf

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Visit the newest and most exciting mountain coaster in the smokies. This Next-Gen Ride features world-class theming and is a longer ride with better views than the competition! Located in downtown Pigeon Forge, it is easily accessible and close to the amazingly popular destination The Island In Pigeon Forge. After the sun goes down, be sure to come out for a Night Ride! Also at Lost Mine is an interactive and exciting mini-golf course. Themed from start to finish, it is one of the best mini-golf courses in the smokies and is sure to be a favorite of your family while vacationing in the smokies. Be sure to stop by and experience the best new coaster and mini-golf course in the smokies and Buckle Up, Because the Best Just Got Better at Lost Mine Mountain Coaster and Mini-Golf on Teaster Lane in Pigeon Forge!

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