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Welcome to Space Race Adventures, the ultimate indoor amusement attraction that transports you straight to the cosmos! Here, imagination meets reality in a space station setting that promises an adventure at every turn. Start with our uniquely themed 15-hole mini-golf game. As you putt, travel across three distinct planetary biomes: explore the depths of the underwater realm, navigate the hidden wonders within a cavern, and trek through a lush jungle landscape. Every hole presents a new challenge and a new world. But the excitement doesn’t stop there! Strategize, aim, and immerse yourself in our mission-based laser tag arena, set on a sun-scorched desert planet. The stakes are high, and the thrill is real. For tech enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike, our Virtual Reality experiences are a must-try. ‘Hurricane VR’ takes immersion to the next level. With 13 diverse experiences to choose from, feel the sensation of flight, drops, and even inversions, all from the safety of your seat. For a more expansive play, step into ‘Megaverse.’ Spread across a 600-square-foot room, up to six players can engage in 10 different interactive games. From kid-friendly journeys to challenging escape rooms, action-packed shooting sessions, and even sporty showdowns, Megaverse promises a universe of fun. Embark on an unforgettable journey only at Space Race Adventures. Where the future of amusement awaits!

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