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Rainforest Adventures Discovery Zoo is one of the largest tropical discovery zoos in the world. View exotic animals up close and personal in naturally recreated habitats. Discover a wide range of exotic animal species that call the rainforest their home. From vibrant tropical birds and colorful reptiles to fascinating mammals and unique insects, our exhibits showcase the incredible diversity of rainforest wildlife. Learn about their natural habitats, behaviors, and conservation efforts. Come visit with the capuchin monkey and ringtail lemur babies at this amazing zoo, and don’t miss the Cotton Top Tamarin Monkeys, as well as countless other species of rare and exotic animals. You can often find little babies clinging to the backs of their mothers and experience a one-of-a-kind zoo right here in the Smoky Mountains.

Gain awareness about the conservation challenges facing rainforests and the animals that inhabit them. Rainforest Adventures Discovery Zoo is committed to promoting environmental stewardship and sustainability. Learn about our efforts to support rainforest conservation, habitat preservation, and endangered species protection through educational initiatives and partnerships.

Immerse yourself in realistic walkthrough exhibits that recreate the lush ambiance of the rainforest. Experience the sights, sounds, and even the humidity of a tropical rainforest as you stroll through lush foliage, cascading waterfalls, and meandering pathways. All-in-all it’s an opportunity to feel as if you’ve stepped into a true rainforest environment.

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Take home a piece of the rainforest with unique souvenirs, rainforest-themed merchandise, and eco-friendly products from our gift shop. Refuel and recharge at our onsite refreshment stands, where you can enjoy snacks and beverages before or after your rainforest adventure.

Animal lovers can always find something new at the zoo! Rainforest Adventures is open year-round and with indoor and outdoor exhibits it is perfect for any weather.

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