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Sevier County’s oldest and largest zoological park, the Smoky Mountain Deer Farm in Sevierville, TN is nestled in a 140-acre natural habitat. You can feed over 150 deer and exotic animals, including zebras, camels, reindeer, kangaroos, and much more. Also, enjoy a horseback ride through the Deer Farm’s shaded woodlands.

The Smoky Mountain Deer Farm Exotic Petting Zoo and Horseback Riding Stables is a unique destination that combines the experience of interacting with exotic animals in a petting zoo setting with the enjoyment of horseback riding adventures. This type of facility provides visitors with the opportunity to get up close and personal with a variety of animals while also engaging in horseback riding activities.

The petting zoo area is usually designed with safety and animal welfare in mind, ensuring that both visitors and animals have a positive experience. Visitors may have the opportunity to hand-feed the animals and pet them. And sometimes even hold or cuddle smaller animals, depending on the specific rules and regulations of the facility.

Seasonal fun: Fawns and elk calves are born late May thru July – a real treat to see!  The whole family will love watching antlers grow from April thru August or enjoy seeing full racks from September thru March.

In addition to the petting zoo, Deer Farm offers horseback riding experiences for individuals of various skill levels. Riding trails within the facility may take you through scenic landscapes! Including fields, forests, or picturesque countryside. It’s an excellent way to enjoy nature. Bond with horses, and experience the thrill of horseback riding in a controlled and supervised environment.

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