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Never have you seen a greater collection of knives, swords, and cutlery. This is the WORLD’S LARGEST and it is easy to believe when you step foot inside. From cooking knives & hunting knives or swords & battle axes, this place has it all and then some. New to the Knifeworks is Smoky Mountain Guns & Ammo! They now carry all major brands of firearms and ammunition & even rare or hard-to-find calibers. This makes the  Smoky Mountain Knife Works an even more impressive “must-see stop” in the smokies.

Outdoor Gear

Alongside our impressive knife selection, we provide a diverse range of outdoor gear and equipment. Whether you’re into camping, hunting, fishing, or survival, you’ll find an array of high-quality gear such as camping equipment, firearms accessories, fishing tackle, outdoor apparel, and more.

Collectible Knives at Smoky Mountain Knife Works

Discover a treasure trove of collectible knives, limited-edition pieces, and unique blade designs. Our collectible section showcases rare and sought-after knives, making it a haven for knife enthusiasts and collectors alike. From custom-made pieces to commemorative editions, you’ll find distinctive knives that tell a story.


We understand the importance of keeping your knives in top condition. At our store, we offer professional knife sharpening services to ensure your blades are sharp and ready for any task. We also carry a selection of sharpening tools, knife care products, and maintenance accessories to help you keep your knives in optimal shape.

At Smoky Mountain Knife Works, we are dedicated to offering an unparalleled selection of knives and outdoor gear to cater to your needs as an outdoor enthusiast or collector. Visit us to discover a world of blades, gear up for your adventures, and immerse yourself in the passion for knives that we share with our customers.

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