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Sugarlands Distilling Company serves up the authentic spirit of the Smokies, which can be found in each and every jar of their mountain moonshine. Come in and sample a bit.

Sugarlands Distilling Company specializes in the production of moonshine and other spirits. They offer a wide range of flavored and infused moonshines, as well as whiskeys, rums, and liqueurs. Their products showcase a variety of flavors, from traditional to unique and innovative.

Visitors to Sugarlands Distilling Company can enjoy guided tours of their facility, where they learn about the history and art of moonshine production. The tours typically include a behind-the-scenes look at their distilling process and conclude with a tasting of various moonshines and spirits. It’s a great way to learn about the craft while sampling their products.

They also have a retail shop where visitors can purchase their moonshine, spirits, and merchandise. They offer a selection of branded items, including clothing, accessories, glassware, and gifts. It’s an opportunity to take home some of their products or find souvenirs to remember your visit to the distillery.

The distillery occasionally hosts live music events and special promotions, creating a lively atmosphere for visitors to enjoy. These events provide an additional element of entertainment and fun while exploring the distillery.

Sugarlands Distilling Company has received numerous awards and accolades for their moonshines and spirits. They have been recognized for their craftsmanship and dedication to producing high-quality products.

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