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Wahoo Ziplines specialized in creating unforgettable outdoor experiences for everyone, from first timers to outdoor thrill-seekers

Opened in 2008, Wahoo Ziplines was the first in The Smoky Mountains. With approximately 2 miles of cables strung between platforms, zippers are immersed in a hardy forest canopy of beech and oak trees. There is no view left unobserved. From above, under or through, these cables offer heights from 40 feet to 250 feet from the ground. A pleasant set of walking trails along the forest floor connect platforms offering customers a chance to share their ziplining stories. The course is designed to build anticipation and in grandeur, to grab your attention and not let go.

Wahoo offers a family friendly experience for ages 5 and up. Concerns of slowing down and stopping are eliminated by the use of speed regulated lines and well-trained certified guides. Freedom from stress allows each person to focus on the excitement of letting go, spinning 360, and even flipping upside down.


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