Weddings on the Titanic

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Couples can now celebrate their big day in “turn-of-the-century” splendor at the World’s Largest Titanic Museum Attraction. Titanic is the perfect choice for couples seeking an experience of pure romance, beauty and elegance. Here, the Gilded Age of magnificent excess lives again as bride and groom take their vows standing on the Grand Staircase or at the waters edge.
The Titanic Museum Attraction houses over 400 priceless artifacts along with historic treasures and allows each visitor to encounter personal heroic and romantic stories of its passengers. Towering 100 feet above street-level, this ship-shaped adventure is a must see attraction!

Please review our wedding and vow renewal packages at the site below and let us know if you have any questions by clicking on our CONTACT US tab. Our professional wedding coordinators are excited to help you plan your Happily Ever After day at Titanic.

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