Top 6 Smoky Mountain Waterfalls You Need to See

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is full of beautiful sights you’ll want to see. There are incredible mountain views, beautiful wildlife, and incredible waterfalls throughout the park. These Smoky Mountain waterfalls are amazing in person, and you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to see them. Here are the top 6 Smoky Mountain waterfalls you need to see:

1. Laurel Falls

laurel falls smoky mountainsThe most popular waterfall in the park is Laurel Falls. The trail to get to the falls is considered easy since it is paved. The roundtrip length is 2.6 miles. This trail is named after the mountain laurel you can see along the trail in the spring. Wildlife has been spotted along this trail in the past, so you might see some on your hike. When you reach the top of the hike, you’ll see the 80-foot-tall waterfall. It is split into two tiers by a footbridge. You can take pictures in front of the falls.

2. Abrams Falls

Abrams Falls isn’t one of the tallest Smoky Mountain waterfalls, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. This waterfall is at the end of an out-and-back trail that is considered moderate. The roundtrip length of the hike is 5 miles, and it is ideal for families. The trailhead is located in Cades Cove, so not only will you get to see the beautiful waterfall, you’ll  get to enjoy everything else the Smokies have to offer. The amount of water Abrams Falls has gushing over the edge of the falls is the most impressive point of this waterfall.

3. Grotto Falls

grotto falls smoky mountainsAnother popular waterfall hike takes you to Grotto Falls. The trail to get to the falls shares the same trail llamas use to bring supplies to the summit of Mount LeConte, so you might see some on your way up or down! For most of this hike, you’ll be alongside the creek. Once you reach Grotto Falls, you will see why people enjoy hiking here. This is the only waterfall in the national park you can walk behind. The waterfall stands at 20 feet tall, and you might spot salamanders in the pool of water.

4. Baskins Creek Falls

Baskins Creek Falls is a beautiful waterfall you should see. The hike is 3 miles roundtrip considered easy to moderate. The waterfall is 40 feet tall and separated into 2 tiers. If you want to pack a picnic lunch, this is a great place!

5. Spruce Flats Falls

spruce flats fallsSpruce Flats Falls is a pretty unique waterfall because it’s technically not on the Great Smoky Mountains National Park map. The trail is very well worn because people frequent it. But it isn’t as crowded as some of these other trails. The roundtrip length is 1.4 miles, and considered easy to moderate. Water rushes over 4 tiers, and the falls are a total of 30 feet tall.

6. Ramsey Cascades

One of the most impressive Smoky Mountain waterfalls is Ramsey Cascades, but it is also one of the most difficult to get to. The trail to get to this waterfall is 8 miles roundtrip and considered difficult. Water rushes over several tiers of rocks, making it one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area. It stands at 100 feet tall, and water falls into a large pool of water at the bottom.

These Smoky Mountain waterfalls are sights you’ll definitely want to see when you visit the national park. Want more ideas of what you can do when you visit the national park? Check out these fun things to do in the Smoky Mountains for some ideas!

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